The Accent Wall

Install a wood feature-wall to define a room

32 sqft
time commitment
8-12 work hours
handiness level
lead time
1-2 weeks
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Outfit's accent wall
diamond, blue, s
Outfit's accent wall in Grid, Grey, Medium
Grid, grey, M
Outfit's accent wall in ship lap, white, extra small
shiplap, white, xs
Outfit's accent wall in Zig Zag, Olive, Small
zigzag, Olive, s

A new DIY experience

No matter the size and scope of your room, we have a package that will work for your space. Just calculate the square footage to determine your size.
size xs
Covers 32 square feet
great for:
laundry rooms
mud rooms
size s
Covers 64 square feet
great for:
home office
laundry rooms
mud room
size m
Covers 96 square feet
great for:
living rooms
home office
dining rooms
size l
Covers 128 square feet
great for:
living rooms
dining rooms

Just the required materials.

We send you only the materials & tools you need to accomplish this project in one weekend.
Woman with paintbrush in hand.
Materials & Tools
13 items
Brad Nails
Lattice Mould
Woodgrain millwork
wood filler
Wood Filler
Tape measure
Tape Masure
hand saw
Hand Saw
painters tape
Painters Tape
Painter’s Caulk
Paint Primer
Tool: Hammer
Claw Hammer
williston forge
miter box
Miter Box
Paint tray
Paint Roller Tray


We’ll walk you through all the steps of building your wall, from prep, all the way to the final coat of paint.
Woman with pain brush roller in handWoman with paint roller in hand
Draw your pattern
2 steps — .7 work hours
  • 01
    Divide wall vertically
    20 min
  • 02
    Divide wall horizontally
    20 min
Cut material to length
3 steps — 3.1 work hours
  • 01
    Cut border to length
    25 min
  • 02
    Cut vertical slats
    45 min
  • 03
    Cut horizontal slats
    2 hours
Install wood slats
5 steps — 5 work hours
  • 01
    Install border slats
    1 hour
  • 02
    Install vertical slats
    1.5 hours
  • 03
    Install horizontal slats
    1.5 hours
  • 02
    2 more items...
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All in your pocket.

I’m sold. So, what’s next?

After purchasing, you’ll be well on your way to adding some spice to a room in your home. Reach out at any time with questions.
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Good questions to ask.

How do I know which size to choose?

  • Measure the width and height of the wall you plan to modify to get the square feet. Then choose the Size with the next-largest square-footage.

Do I need to use power tools?

  • We provide hand tools for this project. If you’d like us to include power tools instead (at an additional cost), reach out post-purchase and we’ll swap out them out.

What if I need a larger size than L?

What if I am a renter?

  • This project is 100% reversable.

  • Instead of glue, we leverage nails for this project. When you leave your apartment, you can pry off your paneling, patch the small holes and repaint the wall.

Will you tell me how to measure out the pattern?

    • Yes! We’ll make sure you accurately lay out your chosen pattern before cutting, and attaching, panneling to the wall using a level and pencil to ensure it’s straight & accurate!

What if I get stuck partway through the project?

  • We do our best to provide robust instructions and remote support to ensure you can get through your project.

  • We scope our projects to be small and aim to have them accomplished in 1 weekend.

  • Sometimes things just don’t work out. We’re happy to help you coordinate with a local handyperson to finish the job as intended (at an additional cost).

What if there is a window or door in my chosen wall?

    • Our system works with windows & openings. When purchasing, subtract the square footage of the window or door.

    • Our instructions also provide guidance on how to navigate these conditions.

Pain tray with paint and roller

The Accent Wall